Counselors' Corner

Scholarship Application Tips
Here are some helpful tips for applying for College Scholarships!


Woodward's Counselors are dedicated to helping your child navigate their way through high school and graduate with a post-secondary plan in one of the "3Es" areas: Enrolled, Emplyed or Enlisted. Ms. Hamilton, serves grades 10-12 and Ms. Gay serves grades 7-9. 


Our counselors host Coffe with the Counselors one Friday a month, at which time parents may make an appointment to discuss their student.

Don't understand the Graduation requirements or you are unclear about the State Standards, our counselors can assist you with that as well. At Woodward you are always welcome to gather more information, as we understand that families are an essential part of our students' success. Please feel free to contact us regarding any information you would like to see posted here.