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By 2020, 80% of Woodward Career Technical High School graduates will obtain careers in their selected technical area.  This high percentage is achieved by developing robust relationships with employers.

 Woodward Career Technical High School is a “CLASSROOM TO CAREERS” learning environment for students in the 7-12 grades. Our school consists of 3 career focused areas Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Building Technology, and Heath Technologies.

We believe that developing the Career Enrichment Program will significantly improve career opportunities for WCTHS graduates.  Therefore, our Vision is:

Woodward Career Technical High School graduates will be actively pursued by area employers because they make great employees. They exceed employers’ expectations in:

  1. Technical skills and certifications due to the quality of the WCTHS experience
  2. Employee attributes; examples - dependable, reliable, honest, cooperative, strong work ethic, want to learn  
  3. Soft Skills; examples – great problem solvers, work well with others, communicate well, strong customer service skills, creativity


Advanced Manufacturing Technology Academy

Students in our Advanced Technologies Academy are interested in Pre-Engineering and/or Advanced Manufacturing. In class, they are provided with hands on opportunities to be educated in planning, setting up, controlling, 3D printing, and managing automated computer controlled equipment.

Building Technology Academy

Students in our Building Technologies Academy are well equipped for the field of construction. The instructors in the Academy have an expertise in carpentry, electrical, heavy equipment, plumbing, and construction management.

Health Technology Academy

Our Health Technologies Academy prepares students for careers in health care, the 3rd largest employer. Students are introduced to the fields of biotechnology, sports therapy, radiology and patient care technology.


Woodward Career Technical High School students will be exposed to a variety of career enrichment experiences in grades 9 through 12. These experiences will range from group tours to work sites by a number of students to individual work experiences that involve several weeks of engagement at a work site. These experiences are considered to be part of the WCTHS academic program.

The career enrichment programs are:

  • Group Tours
  • Job Shadowing
  • Work Study


  • ACT Work Keys
  • First Aid
  • OSHA 10
  • Aseptic Technique
  • CPR with AED
  • LEED
  • NCCER Core Curriculum
  • OSHA 30
  • MSSC


The goal of the individual work study program is to match students with industry partners for the purpose of gaining work experience and employability skills.

*Cincinnati State Technical and Community College *GE *Kroger *Messer Construction *Tech Solve *Drake Center  *Toyota *Turner Construction