Woodward Career Technical High School Students to Build Residential Home in Bond Hill

June 11, 2018

Woodward Career Technical High School students from the Building Industries Program will work alongside their faculty members and construction industry professionals this summer to build a new residence at 1203 Ryland Ave. as part of the initiative, “Constructing a Pathway to Careers”.

“Our students would like the community of Bond Hill to know how excited they are to carry out this project,” said Woodward principal, Shauna Murphy. “They live in this neighborhood and want a chance to be stewards of their community.”

The site was purchased by The Greater Cincinnati Construction Foundation. The previously vacant lot will be the site of a single-family home designed ADA compliant as students hope to serve a disabled veteran or senior member of the community. 

The project is a partnership with Impact 100, Allied Construction Industries, Cincinnati Public Schools, the Greater Cincinnati Construction Foundation and others. Warsaw Federal is currently seeking applications for a buyer.