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Notable Alumni

Earlier alumni received degrees from Woodward High School.

Art & Entertainment

  • Karen Ackerman (1969) – author of children's literature
  • Marty Callner (1964) – music video director
  • Reggie Calloway (1973) Grammy Award Winning Musician and Song Writer
  • Lorinda Epply (c. 1897) – artist at the Rookwood Pottery Company (1904–1948)
  • Chuck Klein (1960) - author and instructor
  • Leo Mielziner (1887) – artist and scenic designer, father of Jo Mielziner
  • Richard Stoltzman (1960) – well-known classical clarinetist


  • Skeeter Barnes, Former MLB player (Cincinnati Reds, Montreal Expos, Saint Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers)
  • Daryl Boston – former Major League Baseball player
  • Ezzard Charles - Heavyweight Champion Boxer
  • Dante Craig – National Golden Gloves Champion and contender in boxing at the 2000 Summer Olympics
  • Leon Durham (1976) – former Major League Baseball player (1980–1989)
  • Ray Edwards – defensive lineman drafted by the Atlanta Falcons
  • John Jackson – offensive tackle
  • Ed Jucker – former head basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati
  • Antwan Peek – linebacker for the Cleveland Browns
  • Abdul Salaam – former American football player best remembered for his days as a defensive tackle with the New York Jets' famed "New York Sack Exchange." Known as "Larry Faulk" while attending Woodward, he changed his name to Abdul Salaam, which means "Soldier of Peace," in 1977.
  • Rudy Schlesinger, Former MLB player (Boston Red Sox)
  • Ed Shuttlesworth (born 1952), leading rusher for the Michigan Wolverines football teams of 1972 and 1973; third leading rusher in the Canadian Football League in 1974

Government and Politics


  • Henry V. Boynton (1854) – Union Army officer during the Civil War, Medal of Honor recipient


  • William Strunk Jr. Cornell University English professor and author of The Elements of Style.

Notable Faculty

  • William Holmes McGuffey (mid-1840s), author of the McGuffey Readers, one of America's first textbooks.
  • Joseph Ray (1807-1855), author of Ray's Arithmetic, credited with teaching a nation to figure.

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