Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Daugherty, Kendra Lead Secretary 363-9302 email staff
Fisher, Casey Resource Coordinator 363-9382 email staff
Gaines, Carmen Career Enrichment Coordinator 363-9363 email staff
Gay, Brianca Counselor 363-9374 email staff
Hamilton, Julie Counselor 363-9314 email staff
Hammersmith, Jacqueline Psychologist 363-9313 email staff
Johnson, Linda Lead Security 363-9364 email staff
McCants, Lillie Records 363-9311 email staff
McMillan, Paul School Community Coordinator 363-9376 email staff
Murphy, Shauna Principal 363-9390 email staff
Pettis, Amanda Audiologist 363-9413 email staff
Rogers, Kevin Treasurer 363-9303 email staff
Sherman, Marcus School Resource Officer 363-9491 email staff
Tackett, Dorinda Supplemental Service Teaching 363-9499 email staff
Tate, Gary Assistant Principal 363-9319 email staff
Vargo, Amanda Assistant Principal 363-9392 email staff
Wachtman-Raney, Heidi Psychologist 363-9463 email staff
Woolfolk, Alberta Speech and Language Therapist 363-9381 email staff
Yates, Sam Assistant Principal 363-9408 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Brock-Blanks, Deborah Afterschool Site Coordinator Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio 363-9324 teacher website email staff
Moton, Jabreel Athletic Director 363-9389 email staff
Sexton, Jamie Lead Therapist Children's Home 363-9453 teacher website email staff
Shaw, Tonya Transition Coordinator Children's Home 363-9391 teacher website email staff
Taylor, Angel Nurse Practioner Winton Hills Medical Center 363-9418 teacher website email staff